Safeguarding Contacts

Dan Broudie Phot


Senior Safeguarding Officer

Daniel Broudie 6th Dan

Telephone: 07771577420


Safeguarding in Martial Arts Approved


Safeguarding Policies 2024

At the HDKI GB Safeguarding our membership is a top priority. We have an extensive safeguarding policy and all our instructors must be active members, hold professional indemnity insurance and must have a current enhanced DBS on file with the HDKI GB secretary.

HDKI GB Safeguarding Adults Policy

HDKI GB Safeguarding Children Policy

HDKI GB Code of Conduct Staff

HDKI GB Code of Conduct Parents

HDKI GB Preventing Abuse in Positions of Trust in Sport

HDKI GB Travel Safeguarding Policy

HDKI GB Photography Filming Consent

HDKI GB Social Media Policy

HDKI GB Adult Report Form

HDKI GB Child Report Form

HDKI GB Risk Assessment Template

HDKI GB Complaints Procedure

Childline Help Poster

HDKI GB Code of Conduct for Children and Young Persons


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Enhanced DBS Application

Our Enhanced DBS application is through Cataphract (please note down the session code as you are able to log back in if required). 

  • When ready, click ‘Proceed’ and then ‘Proceed’
  • When prompted, please select the role you require. If you don’t see the role you require, get in contact with the HDKI GB to add the role
  • When you have entered all of your data and the application is complete, HDKI GB will receive a message to verify your ID. NOTE: All instructors must must get their documents verified at a Post Office before sending them to Cataphract
  • You will then receive an email confirming your DBS is complete. If there are any issues, the DBS team at Cataphract will call and discuss
  • You will receive your DBS Certificate to the address you listed as your current residence
  • If you move address after your application, or make address errors on the DBS, then a new check will have to be completed 

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